Lipitor Vs Atorvastatin

If you've ever wondered what the difference is between Lipitor and Atorvastatin, consult the articles and FAQ on this website for answers.

Is Lipitor the Same as Astorvastatin?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a Lipitor and an Atorvastatins is? Well,I must say that they are the same. Lipitor is the branded type of Astorvastatin. They might come from a different manufacturer and producers but they have the same components. Although these medicines fall on the same category, in some aspects there are still differences between them we can open for discussion. In this article I will breakdown which these are and the benefits that you might get from choosing either one of them.

Atorvastatin is calcium salt and a member of a drug class known as statins. Its common role is to lower the blood cholesterol in the body. It helps prevent strokes through an anti inflammatory component and stabilizes plaque as well. It works as a averting substance to the enzymes that were found in the liver that produces cholesterol to the body. It is used for the treatment of dyslipidemia and cardiovascular diseases. Using this kind of treatment should be accompanied by proper diet especially when it has something to do with the cholesterol intake to the body.

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Lipitor, is the widely known brand for Atorvastatin which is marketed by the Pfizer Company. According to some studies, there are no primary differences between the astorvastatin and the branded one like Lipitor. When it comes to the effectiveness and results to the body they are the same. They both work the same once taken. They both have the identical substance which of course gives the same results that the patient will need. They are both reliable and passed the safety standards which make both of them no less than the other when it comes to the quality comparison.

The only difference between the generic Atorvastatin and the Lipitor brand would probably be on the physical form. They might come in different shapes and forms and colours. They would have different packaging according to the companies and laboratories that manufactured them. Their sizes might also differ compared to each other. The price of the product is the most common concern before purchasing an item. Generic drugs and medicines definitely cost a lot cheaper than the branded ones. There are a number of drug laboratories and manufacturers who have a good reputation in producing quality generic products for medicines without sacrificing quality. If you are trying to cut on your budget and save some amount of money while treating a disease, it is very wise to chose the generic drugs, which has been proven to provide the same results as the branded ones.

About the brand Liptor, according to some reviews there are pros and cons in choosing this product. Let's start first on the positive side of it. According to the company that produces it, they claim that their product has the great effectiveness in lowering the cholesterol level on the body. It decreases the possibilities of heart attack. Dosage can be adjusted according to the patients' needs or response. While on the other hand, these were the disadvantages according to some studies: it cannot be used with telithromycin or it may interact to it negatively or fatally. Rhabdomyolysis may occur while in this treatment. You may experience dizziness, diarrhea and hard breathing. It could take a few weeks to see a good result in lowering the cholesterol. You should avoid eating grapefruit when under this medication. This cannot be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers. Lastly, Lipitor is not for those who have a history of kidney and liver diseases.

The brand Lipitor is the top selling pharmaceutical brand in the world for Atorvastatin. Lipitor has been around for a long time so this brand is very trusted and been used around the world. More often than not, the branded medicine would probably cost a lot higher than the generic one. However, other drug laboratories had recently launched the generic type of Atorvastatin which could have threatened the sales of the Lipitor brand

Though, the brand Lipitor was the most popular atorvastatin provider, there are a lot of good products and manufacturers that are worth our consideration. If you still don't know which one you should pick, researching each product is truly worth your time. Each product can promise a good result in treating and providing a good result. There are products that have proven far better in lowering the cholesterol than the Lipitor brand. In some research and studies, they found that some brands of this product can lower LDL cholesterol better that the Lipitor. In the conclusion of this, you may observe yourself which drug and brand gives the best result to your body or which of them reacts more positively to you.

In some countries, the generic medicines and the branded ones don't show a lot of differences when it comes to the price. Generics might even be more costly. In this case you may just stick to your trusted brand which you have been using effectively for a long time. You don't have to try other new brands if you are already satisfied with the performance of your usual atorvastatin brand. When the cost of the other generics don't show a lot of differences, It is always better to pick the trusted brand. You can also read some reviews with each product to make sure which one you should stick with.

If the generic atorvastatin wasn't available on your country or may be too costly, you may also shop online and find the cheapest one that you can order. There is a lot of online drugstore with promotional offers every week. You might try to shop from them each time there is a promo offer. Find you desired brand or generic manufacturer name for the atorvastatin then make your order sent to them.

Now, that the branded and the generics of atorvastatin are fairly compared, you now decide for yourself which one you should get. It is still essential that you consult a specialist before taking each medication. A good medicine would not do any good if it is not properly indicated or prescribed by a physician. Do not self medicate when you are not a doctor because you might worsen your own situation.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is for personal use only and is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice from your doctor or pharmacist. Please consult with them should you have any medical or health related questions.